lunedì 4 febbraio 2013

'You Gave Me The Answer' - Submit Your Questions To Paul!

Se avete mai sognato di fare una domanda a Sir Paul e magari anche ottenere da lui una risposta questa potrebbe essere l'occasione giusta. Il sito ufficiale di Paul McCartney ha annunciato che l'ex Beatle risponderà 
una volta al mese sul ​​suo sito web ad una domanda selezionata tra tutte quelle arrivate dai fan.

"Every music fan has questions they’d love to ask their favourite musicians and having read through your feedback from our recent website survey we know you have plenty for Paul! So that is why from today is giving Paul’s fans the unique opportunity to get those questions answered by the man himself.

In a new website feature titled ’You Gave Me The Answer’ fans can submit their questions to then once a month we will select the best one and post Paul's answer to it on the website.

Fans can send in as many questions as they wish and each month we will notify the lucky winner so please don’t forget to include your email address!

All the best!

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